What makes a Clearview Vision Stove special?The Vision 500 Clearview stove is an 8kw clean burning stove the 'Brother' to the fabulous Pioneer 400 which has been possibly the most popular wood burning stove that we have ever sold. As I always say "If you like the look of a Clearview stove then you can not go wrong with a Clearview stove". We find them easy to light, easy to control and easy to clean. Below are some of the features that make the Vision 500 what it is:

  • 8kw heat output - A fabulous size for a medium sized room. Speak to us to work out what size is correct for your space.
  • Double glazed door - keeps the fire box temperatures hot and gives a good view of the fire.
  • Hot airwash - keeps the glass clean and helps burn more of the volatiles.
  • Easy to control with a primary and secondary air control
  • Multi-fuel grate also helps when lighting and allows ash to drop through to a generous ash pan for easy cleaning.
  • Heavy grade steel makes stove robust and durable.
  • For an 8kw stove it takes a generous 15 inch log

There are many more qualities that make a Clearview Vision 500 the stove of choice but the best way to understand one is to see it burning. At Cheshire Design Centre there are many different models of Clearview in all different styles and in many different colours. We can light some for you and let you see for yourself. 

Once you have had a Clearview stove you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

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