Thermaskirt Plinth HeatingAs Spring is now with us and the sun has started to make an appearance (from time to time) the question of how to heat a conservatory becomes a topic for discussion in many homes. The temperature can outside can change quite rapidly and with it the conservatory also changes.

Convection radiators do not work well because the heat that rises reaches the ceilings which are usually vaulted and it just keeps rising thus not returning to heat the room. The radiant heat that comes off the radiator panel will offer some warmth but this is only in a small area of the room.

Underfloor heating offers an all over heat but both the electric systems and the wet systems have their own limitations. Electric is often seen as an expensive option but that is usually because the installation has been made directly onto a concrete floor without an insulation board. The electric systems do have the ability to react quickly to external temperatures and can be an easy and inexpensive solution to install. Wet systems have a very slow response time, therefore in a room which is so affected by external temperatures and in a climate which is subject to change so quickly, i feel it is a method of heating to be avoided.

Thermaskirt is an aluminium skirting that is also the room heater. It is available as a wet system which connects directly to a central heating circuit and can be fitted with its own TRV control or recently launched as an electric system when traditional central heating is not available. Thermaskirt should not be confused with the old fashioned and inefficient convection skirting heating.

There have been new developments which make what was and already good product even better. New metal powder coated covers have replaced the old plastic ones and a newly developed profile with optional top capping to make a more traditional look are now available. There are different height options and different output options to suit almost any situation. The skirting gives an even heat to any room as it provides low level radiant heat on every available wall. The heated threshold kit means that there is no break in the heating even when crossing a patio door or French window.

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