Mouldy shower silicon - use Waterstop!Are you installing a bath or shower tray and sealing it with silicone?

If so the silicone always becomes mouldy - it's just a question of time!

If you want to keep your bathroom looking clean and fresh then the only way to avoid the mould is avoid the silicone. - you can install a shower or bath without silicone when you use 'Waterstop'.

This is the only seal I have ever found that eliminates the need for silicone.

So if you are planning to alter your bathroom or shower room; or if you know anyone who is just about to refurbish their bathroom or shower room then tell them to look at Waterstop or give us a call at Cheshire Design Centre in Congleton on 01260 290044.

The sample shows how a shower tray can be fitted with 'Waterstop' and does not require silicone. A very neat solution to an age old problem.

Mouldy shower silicon - use Waterstop!