Cheshire Design centre are always striving to find new and innovative products that will make a difference to our customers and a perfect example is Firemizer a bi-product from a major industrial ovens and metals business.  It is a fine mesh that sits on your fire or stove grate below the fuel that effectively conducts the heat to the edges of the burning area to ensure that all of the fuel is heated to its optimum burning temperature enabling it to burn more efficiently

It pays for itself

This unique British made product has been extensively tested at Cambridge university who have confirmed that the effect is that it improves fuel use by 38%.  Over the course of a typical winter its use is more than paid for by savings in fuel to output the same heat and keep you warm.  Other benefits include reduced particulate pollution ( smoke) due to improved burning efficiency and also a more complete burn so less unburned fuel and a cleaner grate flue or chimney.

At £19.99, don’t take our word for it give it a test, you can either but it directly from us online or you can buy it through our supply to Amazon  The manufacturers are currently lobbying the government to help improve environmental standards.