What is the best fuel for my Wood burning StoveAs soon as some cold weather comes and the wood stove is lit the question of what fuel is best is asked!

The debate goes on as to whether air dried logs or kiln dried logs are better but in reality provided that the wood is dry inside and out and the moisture content is 15% or less it should burn well and give plenty of heat without sooting up the glass. Of course it is important that the stove is the correct size for the room, the chimney is right for the stove and the person knows how to run the stove.

Heat logs, Hotties, Hot blocks and Blazers are some of the man made wood based fuels on the market but there are new fuels being developed all the time.

Wood coal or lignite is sometimes refered to as a 'young coal'. This fuel is not widely known about but those that know it usually like it as it will burn for longer than wood; can be mixed with wood and burns with the same air pattern as wood.

Olive stones are new to this country but have been used in some european and middle eastern countries for some time. Olive briquettes are now available and look like a typical smokeless fuel as they are manufactured in a similar mold.

Peat briquettes are available from Ireland and have very similar burn characteristics to Wood Coal.

If you are not keen on burning Peat because of the enviromental effect then you may be interested in Braquettes which is a new fuel recently developed and is made from Bracken which is considered a weed (as seen on Countryfile).

For advice on fuels for your wood stove or multi-fuel  burner visit Cheshire Design Centre in Congleton. 01260 290044