Asado BBQ Grill Range

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In the UK there are c. 21million disposable barbeques used every year, the majority provide a heat source but not much else. In fact many are detrimental  for  the environment burning toxic composites that leave lasting damage to the atmosphere, let alone what they might be doing to your food.  Our ‘fuel cartridges’ are made from Bamboo charcoal which is an innovation in itself, Bamboo is one of the plants that uses more CO2 in its growth than most other plants and in burning releases less.  It is fast growing  and so more sustainable than most.


Designs to cater for campers, boat lovers, walkers, festival goers,  beach bathers and party throwers


The basic stand provides stability and safety. Amongst other things  also stops the scorching of grass and risk to tinder dry beauty spots but more importantly avoid the danger risk of overheating sand  on our beaches which can take hours to cool back to a safe temperature to walk on without burning your feet.


We have variants from the cleverly designed cool bag, the frame of which forms the stand and BBQ cooking surfaces to the ergonomic boat units that fastens to the rail on your boat to provide a safe place to cook, avoiding damage to paint, wood or GRP.


Unique Kebab Rotisserie and all-in-one multi tool


Our designers have thought through not just the means to cook the perfect barbeque but also the tools to cook with.  The standout products are the Kebab Turner that removes the normal difficulty of ensure a kebab is evenly cooked whilst not losing the all food from the skewer.  A simple and yet sophisticated solution that everybody should have to provide Kebabs regularly at the dinner table.  A very popular accessory is the Rotisserie so that you professionally spit roast a chicken.


The ultimate gadget  providing the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of outdoor cooking is the Multi-tool, a combination of spatula, fish slice, BBQ fork, serrated knife and tongs all cleverly packed into one item along with a bottle opener cork screw and storage slot in the handle for your BBQ lighter.


Other people might also sell disposable BBQ’s but nobody else has thought through and designed products to provide professional results, with maximum safety combining compact and lightweight equipment for effective and ecological fuel cartridges.  There is something to suit every need from table top ‘steak on a stone’ solutions to picnic back pack for the remote and impromptu cooked meal.