When heating a property with either an open fire or a solid fuel appliance there are several things that one should know:

i. In order for a fire or wood burning stove (or any solid fuel appliance) to work there is a requirement for combustion air.

ii. The amount of air required depends on the size and efficiency of the appliance. Generally open fires need far more air than a stove.

iii. Older properties generally have more air ‘leakage’ and newer properties are more ‘air tight’.

iv. It would be harmful to burn the oxygen from a room without replacing it with fresh air from outside.

v. Combustion air can either be fed into the stove with a direct air kit through a ducting to outside or by taking air from the room. If the air is taken from the room then an air vent must be installed in the room in which the appliance is situated.

vi. In old properties is considered that there is enough ‘leakage’ so that a stove of up to 5kw does not require an air vent.

vii. In newer properties and in older properties with a stove being installed with an output of over 5kw then an air vent is required.


• Most vents become a source of cold air and draughts are created as the fire draws the air from the vent.

• It is not uncommon to see where people have blocked up the air vent in a room to prevent the draft – this should never be done and can be dangerous or simply just create a damp problem.

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