David Gattie from Knutsford may well have once fitted one of our stoves in your home and he will also have advised that if your stove was classed as generating 5 kilowatts or more of heat that you had to have a vent or ‘hole’ knocked into the outer wall to legally provide sufficient air for the stove to operate. As a fitter, it always bothered David that he was helping a family heat their home and then telling them they had to create a potentially new source of cold draughts and sound by knocking a hole in the outside wall. This motivated him to design and invent the solution the DR21, draught reducer version 21! If you saw Dragons Den in September you may have seen his presentation which impressed all of the Dragons but that they thought was too specialist for them to make another fortune from. The reality is that the product works really well and since the programme as one of the few retail outlets in the country to support David, we have literally sold dozen of them. Not just to stove owners as David has proposed and suggested but also for bathroom extractor fans and vents too or for air bricks. The vent cover does the same job as you’ll see from this video


It doesn’t unfortunately work with Kitchen extractor fans because over time there will be a build-up of grease that will clog the baffles that prevent the draughts and air being blown in from outside. To buy one or several click here where you’ll find our special prices or if you are an Amazon prime customer we also sell them on Amazon