What is the best way to heat a conservatory, orangery or garden room?There are various options for heating a Conservatory, an Orangery or a Garden room but there are a number of issues to consider and they are often overlooked.

The flooring surface, the height of the ceiling, the roof construction and the area of glazing all make a difference.


Convection radiators tend to be a quick and cheap solution but can be ineffective and inefficient. Cast iron radiators can look good but have a slow response time. Modern designer radiators are often used but can be a limited solution because of the available wall space.

Under-floor heating

Underfloor heating can either be linked to the central heating system where water pipes are laid into a screed or an electric ribbon or wire can be laid down which heats up independantly. The biggest problem with a wet system is the slow response times as the screed takes a long time to warm up and to cool down. This becomes a problem when the room is subject to solar gain through the large glazed area of walls or a transparent roof. Electric under floor heating when fitted correctly will have a quicker response but can be costly to run as the price of electricity rises.


The best solution is Thermaskirt. This form of skirting heating is a vast improvement on the old fashioned convection skirting heating that used to be available. Thermaskirt is available to connect to a wet central heating system or there is a new electric version available. The wet system offers a very efficient way of heating a room and due to it being a low level radiant heat it is not affected by vaulted ceilings. There is no need to be worried by slow response times because aluminium is a very good conductor and the two pipe system only holds 0.5 litres per metre. The heat is distributed quickly and evenly round a room and there is a heated threshold kit available for installing in front of patio doors or bi-fold doors.

Thermaskirt is available in several different styles. Thermaskirt Deco BM2 and Thermaskirt Deco BM3 offer a simple modern clean cut look. Thermaskirt Urban LT is also a smart looking modern skirting and the Thermaskirt Classic TS matches the most popular skirting found in UK homes.

If you have not come across Thermaskirt before then it is worth visiting Cheshire Design Centre in Congleon where there are a number of working display areas to be seen.

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