Where modern appliances are being fitted in existing brick chimneys it is advised that a stainless liner and back fill be fitted. Removing soot and creosote is difficult with a brush alone and using old fashioned rods and brushes can easily damage an expensive flue liner. 


  • The solution is to burn a specially formulated log that will give off particular chemicals within its fumes.  These gases will combine with and convert the creosote to a substance that is more easily removed with a brush.

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Chimney cleaning - ideally you will want to clean a chimney or flue around now prior to continuous use through the winter. There used to be little or no option other than to use a chimney sweep but new DIY technology is now available here in the UK.  For a number of years we have been successfully promoting and using the spinning whip Sooteater which can be easily attached to a cordless drill and will do the job quickly and efficiently.  Its universal head will also fit the majority of chimney and flue sizes or shapes.


  • This new method of cleaning has been adopted by many professional sweeps and has the advantage of giving a thorough clean without damaging liners and flues.

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