New from Chesneys for outside living - A BBQ which becomes an outdoor heater!

Chesneys have expanded into the field of Outdoor Living with their new range of bbq / patio heating products - 'Heat' 
Working with the renowned chef James Martin, Chesneys have developed a unique outdoor cooking experience suitable for the would be Masterchef or the weekend bbq enthusiast.

Everyone loves the idea of cooking and eating outside and then sitting out talking and socialising long into the evening. The trouble is that with the UK cliamate the evening is far too often drawn to a close as it becomes too cold to be comfortable outside. The Chesneys Heat collection combines all the technology that has been developed with their highly efficient defra approved clean burn stoves and extends this to the patio. Whilst using the Chesneys Heat as a barbeque there is a heat shield that coves the glass door and so protects the cook for becoming too hot. Once the cooking has been done the shield is moved away from the window and the full beauty of the flame can be seen and the full use of the heat can be used for warming you as you enjoy the evening.

As a cooking facility the HEAT provides a unique degree of temperature control and with a variety of cooking modes it offers limitless opportunities for cooking different recipies.

As a patio heater the HEAT offers a beautiful, enviromentally friendly outdoor heater which can be enjoyed long into the night. With the advanced burn technology that has been developed there will be less smoke and more heat whist using a limited amout of fuel. 

If you like a touch of outdoor living then this is the product for you.

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New from Chesneys for outside living - A BBQ which becomes an outdoor heater!