Instant Boiling Water TapThe latest 'must have' product for your kitchen is the boiling water tap.

This new generation of kitchen taps offer instant boiling water - no more waiting for a kettle to boil for a 'quick cuppa' and no need to waste energy boiling water that is not needed.

It is quite normal to fill a kettle up and boil the water only to use a fraction of the water that has been heated. Then another person will come along and reboil the water that is left in the kettle for their own use.

There are several products currently on the market some which have WRAS approval and some that don't. There are some that are pressurised and some that are open vented and there are some that require a professional to fit them and some which can be done by a DIY enthusiast.

Buying the wrong tap can lead to disappointment as the temperature of the 'boiling water' may be inconsistent and the temperature drop from the tank to the spout can vary considerably.

As often happens, a new concept is developed and introduced to the market and then once it has gained acceptance the 'copy cats' are introduced and they in their attempt to lower the price they cut corners and produce an inferior product. With the 'boiling water' taps it is important to get the correct tap with the correct tank and filter. Some cheaper products can be badly affected by limescale and stop working earlier than expected.

On the other hand there are new developments and improvements being made to products and this means the second generation products have better functions and better quality components.

The boiling water tap is here to stay and with the development of the single hole 3-way tap a simple replacement of an existing hot/cold mixer is made possible. If you would like to know more about our 3-way, 4-way and 5-way taps then please give us a call at Cheshire Design Centre.

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